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Google Adwords

Google Adwords

What is Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform that lets you reach new customers and grow your business. Together with Global printing, we can help you reach your sales goals in the online space and provide guidance on the pay-per-click advertising platform.The online world is a continually growing space, where your company can be found while the customer is conducting research about your type of product or service. Each advertising campaign is tailored to the client's industry vertical to give our client's the edge against their competitors. We meet with you to discuss your sales goals, and determine a strategic plan to reach your targeted audience.

As a Google Partner, we are equipped with the knowledge and proven skills to provide our full suite of services. Whether you are starting your first Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, or you need assistance with your current one, we can help at all steps of the process to launch your best campaign yet. Let's get started!

How it works:

How many times do you look up something online on a daily basis? How many searches do you think are conducted worldwide? Every time someone searches on Google -- whether to find the nearest store, buy a product or service, or conduct research -- there is an opportunity for your product to be present at the right place at the right time. In simple terms, when someone conducts a search your ad appears above or beside the relevant content, a person clicks on your ad, and that ad directs the customer to your business. As a result, you reach people already searching for what you offer. Global Printing can help you connect with those customers and work with the complexities of the pay-per-click platform.

Benefits & Services:

We strive to meet your ROI. Whether that is to increase sales, phone calls, brand awareness or visits to your store, we can tailor each campaign to your business goals. Search, Display, Video, Remarketing...we can do it! There are a lot of different places where ads can appear online, and we can work together to identify the ideal placements based on your individual goals. Optimization. We continually monitor and make changes to the campaign to increase the performance of your ads. Something isn't working? We fix it. Reporting. We give you detailed reports on how your campaign is performing, explain our findings, and adapt our campaigns to incoming data. Setup. New to pay-per-click advertising? We can help you get started right away by setting up your account, and discussing avenues for your new campaign. Management. No time to manage your campaigns? We can continually monitor your pay-per-click advertising for you, optimize your campaigns, and provide reporting updates."