Single Project - Marina Kulich Photography

Marina Kulich Photography

Marina Kulich Photography - Website Design

Marena Kulich Photography is a unique website designed for a freelance photographer who’s very passionate about what she does, providing generic images as well as establishing herself as a great storyteller through her vast collection of photographs. The website we designed for her is all about building off of her storytelling ability, showcasing the photography in a way that it carries the story on its own. The main focus of this website was to maintain the simplicity but at the same time, present the photos in a professional manner with a clean & bright look to match the clients personality. The project was a collaborative and creative piece between the both of us!

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  • Skills:

    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • SEO
    • PHP/MySQL
    • Databases
    • Web Server Administration
  • Client:

    Marina Kulich Photography