About Global Print

The New Way to succeed. advance. progress.

With over 35 years of experience, Global Print offers solutions that enable cost reduction, process improvement and streamlining of business activities while ensuring a peak level of quality and creativity; Global Print is a comprehensive solution company.

Who We Are

Cost Reduction. Process Improvement. Streamlined Business.

Implementing effective marketing vehicles and design tools, we extend a range of expertise to your organization. From concept to completion, Global Printing works with you to optimize and improve Brand Identity, Logo Design, Direct Marketing, Project Management, Print Solutions, Outdoor Media, Web Design, and Packaging.

Through our unique consultative approach we work to evaluate the best use of your resources to communicate and execute the most effective strategies. On behalf of our team, we look forward to assisting you soon. Your Success is Our Business!

Meet the Team

  • Dan Smelt Printing & Marketing

    Dan has been working within the print industry for over 20 years. Beginning his career as a press operator, he has expanded his knowledge of the print industry through its various facets both as a purchaser and sales guru. Instrumental in restructuring purchasing strategies and promoting cost savings, Dan's mandate lies in streamlining business activities while ensuring a peak-level of quality and professionalism.

    In 2008, Dan purchased Global Printing. Working with a large client base, Dan utilizes an approach which values communication and collaboration in assisting companies of any size to meet their goals.

  • Harry Gils Web Designer &
    Google Adwords Certified

    Harry comes from a long history of print media, photography and web before the internet was the internet. Harry’s focus at Global Print is creating great websites for our customers from start to finish and also brings along the experience to execute professional advertising photography and print design. He is Google Adwords certified and trained in SEO. Harry is an avid learner and is continually updating his knowledge of Web design trends. Harry's knowledge in SEO and Google Adwords is instrumental in developing websites that work properly and efficiently.

  • Rob Press Operator

    Rob is an instrumental piece to the Global Marketing team. With his extensive years in press operating, his valuable experience has helped boost Global Printing's production.